The opportunity Exchange 

Grow Your Development Agency With New Project Opportunities.


Discover App development projects.

DevMarket is a platform that enables you to “acquire the rights” to development opportunities during or before the design phase. This enables you to invest in future opportunities before they need development.

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earn money while you sleep. 

The more a client invests in design, the higher the value of the opportunity. Purchasing early-stage opportunities could make you a winner.


A smarter way to grow your agency.

We set the market. Your project opportunities start at $10,000.00 - $100,000.00+. No matter where your agency is established.


no more fighting.

Stop competing against inexperienced developers. By “acquiring the rights” to an opportunity up-front, you’ll never have to submit a proposal again.



Minimize your risk.

(Coming Soon)

As an extra-layer of insurance, you can re-sell your project leads onto the market at anytime. This way, you don’t lose money on your investment.